About Service

Basically Unitech4U is an IT and Software company. We are the first IT & Software Company in Khulna Division. Here we take orders from clients to develop custom softwares. We also provide 1 (one) year free service of the software that we build. Not only that our support department will run the software and give the basic training to the honorable clients. And also you can get quick solution by online or phone call because our support department is 24/7 in online at your service. Our stuffs are well trained and experienced enough to provide you the best service. Because we are bonded in speech. We have several types of services for the clients :

1. We have Software related service that means if any client face any kind of software related problem, we UniTech4U then and then will solve the problem. When anyone fails to install software on his own PC, we will help them to do that. And one thing, we will serve you 24/7 at online as well as offline

2. We have web related service point. If any client face any kind of web related problem, We UniTech4U will solve the problem then. Not only that we also have consultancy department to provide you any kind of software or web related help. If anyone wants, they can easily found us (UniTech4U) always by just clicking our link.

3. We have, Basic computer training facility. We run a regular training course to make students expert at computer and able to lead software. We have 3 months training schedule for each and every segment.

4. We also have industrial training facility. We have special computer practical lab for technical students who are studying in several types of technical institutes. If they want they can easily do their attachment of 3 (Three) months in here in the cheapest rate and with best quality. Because we have the best teachers and best backup in Khulna city. And we are proud for that.

We have several types of Services like :

1. Software Development

2. Software Fixing and Setup

3. Web Design And Development

4. Basic Training

5. Industrial Training