Software fixing & setup


Software fixing and setup is very important for any company. Because software is a virtual coded thing so anytime it may fall or became damaged. After getting order from our respected clients we normally start to develop software then we send it to our quality control department. After checking the quality of the software, we send it to our support department. Finally our support department goes to the respected clients and then set the software in their computer system. Not only that if anybody fails to understand that how to run the software with their system, our support department will train them until they would be able to understand and run the software successfully. We run a regular training course. We train students about software development so that they can make custom software for them own selves. We believe back up is the best support for any companies. That's why we have a very strong support department with skilled and experienced developers.


Network Installation : We have two kind of installation system that is online data storage system and off-line data storage system. Our software is 100% capable to be fitted for any system. We will install online or off-line according to their demand. But a special thing to know that if anyone want to set his system in off-line base for instance and after some period if he wants to set his system in online. Yes for them we have developed our software according to all demands. It can be possible for them to convert anytime they want.