Industrial Training


In every Educational Institute there have an industrial training period. That time they can come to us (UniTech4U) and can get any kind of industrial training from our schedule. Our industrial training system is open all the year round so, whenever they get time to learn they can easily get the chance to receive any industrial training according to their demand. We have skilled and experienced teacher to learn them and take classes. We have suitable laboratory and give one PC per head while training. We provide different types of training and make the students self-reliant at their work. We are always bonded at our services.

We have :

1. Software Development.

2. Networking & Database Management.

3. Web Design & Development.

4. Graphics Design courses.

5. Android Programming.

We provide the best service and best environment in Khulna. Not only that we provide our own Company certificates after finishing the courses.

If anyone wants to join our farm for him we have a great opportunity. We provide him a interne period and after his performance he will be joined into our company. Only we are providing this sort of opportunity in Khulna ever.